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Hearing Dr. Ben Carson speak this week was like experiencing a cool breeze on a hot day.  Carson is a remarkable man of extraordinary achievement who came from what today is called very ”at risk” beginnings.  He speaks boldly about the importance of personal responsibility, getting yourself informed and educated, and not making excuses—no matter what your circumstances.

I love the challenge that his mother (with only a 3rd grade education but possessing the wisdom of Solomon) would give to him and his brothers when they came to her with a problem.  She would ask them, “Do you have a brain?  Then use it—figure it out!”

His mom would not make excuses for herself and she would not allow it from her children.  She demanded hard work and excellence from them.  It paid off.  Ben Carson has the most impressive resume I’ve ever seen.  He has spent a lifetime overcoming challenges and excelling in everything he’s ever done.  We could use a man like that in Washington, D.C.  Keep your eyes on Dr. Ben Carson.  Though he is soft-spoken, he has the courage and boldness of a lion! 

Remember—NO Excuses.

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