Words from Woods – A Family Affair

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woods_216w_march_13I got to thinking of the articles I’d written and decided to go back and read them.  Seems I’ve been pretty focused on guaranteed contractual lifetime income in them.  And I was OK with that; I’m a big fan and an obvious advocate, so I had no problem with it.

But my wife, Midge, our office manager and director of marketing and operations (all handled brilliantly, I might add) suggested I risked us being perceived as one dimensional and perhaps even (gasp) BORING!  So I thought I’d introduce you to our office personnel, my family, so I can let you know how that works to our clients (and our) advantage.

I decided to go independent and start our own organization almost 10 years ago.  I had been what is known as a captive agent with a large insurance company for over 25 years (You’d recognize it if I named it).  My goals at the time were to be able to provide my clients with strategies and products from any company or source that would fit into their own, unique circumstances.  The large company had other ideas and a rather limited number of products from which I could choose to best serve my clients.  So the move was essential.

From the beginning, our mission statement was to become a part of the fabric of where we lived – here in Great Bridge.  We understand the value of trust and family.  We view our town as a family oriented community and decided we would continue in that vein by becoming a family business, one where you’d feel like there was continuity.  My son Ian is an agent and advisor in the company.  We envisioned a business where you could drop by to chat, have a coffee or let us know about a new grandchild or an upcoming wedding.  All while receiving “large company” service and major, multi-billion dollar company solutions to your retirement income and/or accumulation goals.

From the genuine smiles from my wife, Midge, or daughter Lacy at the reception desk when you arrive, to the caring and thorough methods we use to ascertain your goals and objectives in our meetings with you, to the well thought out and professional solutions we find to your personal situation, we’ve strived to become all of the things we set out to become. I feel we’ve succeeded. We’re proud of our company and invite you drop by sometime to meet with us. We think you’ll like what you see and who we are.

As Always, I wish you Good Fortune

Bob Woods, Pres.
Woods Financial

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