What’s in an email address?

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ryu150If you still use a Cox e-mail address, I encourage you to consider the following questions: What are you going to do, if you ever switch to Verizon?  You know you can’t take the Cox account with you?  Do you have any friends whose e-mail addresses changed from, for example: iryu@cox.net to iryu@verizon.net? What a pain!  I imagine you also receive a lot of large files.  Did you know Cox only allows 2GB of storage?  There’s nothing more annoying than receiving a reply e-mail from the ISP (Internet Service Provider) that kicks back an “over-quota error”, especially if he’s an attorney.  Last, how do you keep your e-mails organized across multiple devices?  Cox and Verizon only allow for POP e-mail.  You can’t sync POP e-mail across multiple devices – smartphone, tablet, laptop, and desktop.

I recommend a Gmail account through Google or and Outlook account through Microsoft.  My preference is Outlook because of the free Office Web Apps in SkyDrive.  Microsoft’s privacy policy seems to have more integrity as well.  Even if you move to a new country, you can take your Outlook e-mail account with you.  Outlook provides virtually unlimited storage and increases your capacity as your e-mails grow.  With an Outlook account, you can sync your e-mails, calendars, and contacts across multiple devices.  So the next time you upgrade your smartphone, as long as all your e-mails, calendar, and contacts are in Outlook, you don’t have to transfer that information from your old phone to your new phone.  All you have to do is add your Outlook account to your new phone, and it will pull all that information from the Cloud.

And, oh – do you have any friends that pay monthly for an AOL account?  I think over 2.5 million people still do.  Just FYI, they don’t have to pay to keep their AOL e-mail account.

Next month – More About Microsoft Outlook

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