4 Essential Fall Organizing Must Do’s

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amy_volk_216w_march_13By AMY VOLK

Fall is the perfect time to do some deep cleaning and really purge and organize.  Unlike spring time, the fall has us thinking about the indoors more as we prepare for the winter months.  Below are 4 Essential Fall Organizing Must Do’s that will help get your home clutter free and you ready to enjoy the crisp days of Fall!

Before you start, grab trash bags and bags to fill with donations. You will fill up both as you tackle each area, especially when it comes to paper.  You might also think about buying some hanging files and a file cabinet if you don’t have one.  Being prepared before you start will keep you from stalling on your organizing efforts and motivated to finish the project. 

Think Closets

  • It’s time to switch out summer clothes for fall and winter clothes.  If you store your seasons separately, containerize your summer clothes and fill shelves and rods with winter clothing.  Make sure the clothes you are storing are washed and free of dirt.
  • Purge the coat closet and get gloves, scarves, hats and mittens in an easy to reach basket or container.
  • Purge kids closets of anything that won’t fit again in the warm season.
  • Purge the linen closet

Think Drawers

  • Fall is a great time to do indoor projects of all sizes, and drawers are the perfect small scale project.
  • Start in one room and don’t move to another room before all the drawers are finished.
  • Set the timer 15-30 minutes and sort, purge, and organize 1-2 drawers during that time.  Repeat that process 2 times a week during fall and winter and you will have almost all the drawers complete come spring!  It can go faster if each person does their own drawers in their room.  Make the kitchen a group effort!!

Think Paper

  • Do the same thing with paper as with drawers.  15-30 minutes on timer for 2 times a week.
  • Start with a file cabinet, and then move to piles of paper.  Complete one pile before moving to another!
  • Each piece of paper kept should have a place to go into.  If not, create the place and ask yourself why you are keeping it.

Think Outside

  • Pull in cushions and outdoor furniture for winter storage.
  • Have the house power washed.
  • Clean the gutters.
  • Consider purging the garage so you can actually park in it during the winter!
  • Make sure windows are sealed and caulked well.

Happy de-cluttering!

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