Words from Woods – Peace of Mind

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woods_216w_march_13I was listening to some rock music recently (very loud, so I had my headphones on) and one of the songs in the rotation was a cut on the classic 1976 debut album from Boston. Because I had the headphones on I was able to hear plainly the Tom Scholz lyrics, which I knew, but had never really thought about.

“I understand about indecision, but I don’t care if I get behind
People livin’ in competition, all I want is to have my peace of mind!”

As the song ended and the music echoed through the headphones those words kept coming back to me.

All I want is to have my peace of mind!

And it got me to thinking…that’s what we all want!  But what is peace of mind?  How is it measured?  Who defines it?  What did it mean?

So I took a straw poll and asked folks how they would define “Peace of Mind.”  What I found was that each person defines it very personally.  I heard about family, lifestyle, lack of stress, health, security, safety, various levels of confidence in one’s abilities – and money. Fact is, every person who answered my question, somehow tied their definition of peace of mind, whatever it was, to financial security.  There, I surmised, was the common thread.

So, if water was essential to life, and if you knew you had to have it to live, and you could have  a well dug in your backyard that was guaranteed never to run out of it, do you think having that well might generate a little peace of mind?   Wouldn’t acquiring that well be a priority?  There it is.

That’s the way I see retirement income.  We’ve found a way to move “unreliable” assets, those with no guarantees, into a position of certainty and reliability.  A way to take those hard earned nest egg dollars that you’ve saved for retirement income through your IRA’s,  401k’s and TSP  and move them from an “I hope… I wish… maybe…”account into an “I know…I’m sure… I’m positive” account. Guaranteed, contractual lifetime income!  Spelled p-e-a-c-e of m-i-n-d .

Peace of mind comes in all shapes and sizes, but it all starts with financial peace of mind.  We can help you find it.   Call us.  “Take a look ahead” wrote Mr. Scholz.

As Always, I wish you Good Fortune!

Bob Woods
Woods Financial

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