How to Set a Restore Point, Create a System Image, and Backup Your Data

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ryu150By IN TAI RYU

We’ll get to the fun and really cool stuff in the next few months, such as e-mail, contact, calendar syncing, Cloud backup and storage, and how to improve your computer’s performance.  If you enjoy Amy Volk’s column, you’ll like what I have in store to simplify your life. For now, let’s cover a few important basics.

Why set a restore point?  Again, this will allow you to take your computer back to an earlier point in time, like when it was working.  In Windows 7, find the System Protection and click Create.  Yes, it’s that easy.

Why create a system image?  To protect against hard drive failure.  A system image is an exact copy or mirror of a drive which includes Windows, your system settings, programs, and files.  Click Start, Getting Started, Back up your files.  Next, click on Create a system image.  I prefer to save the image on an external hard drive but you can also save to multiple DVD’s.

Why backup your data?  Because it’s important to you and it’s constantly being added to and changed.  Click Start, Control Panel, System and Maintenance, Backup and restore.  Next, click Set up backup and follow the wizard.  You will need an external hard drive.  I’ve found an easier way to back up my music, pictures, and files in the Cloud and look forward to sharing that with you soon.

Next month – How to Sync Your E-mail, Contacts, and Calendar

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