A D6 Reformation

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I appreciate the invitation and welcome the opportunity to address the readers of The Citizen.

Everybody wants change.  Everyone wants to see improvement in their lives and communities.  Every citizen of Chesapeake longs to maintain or create strong, healthy children, families, and communities.  After 16 years of pastoring a church and counseling parishioners, I have often wondered, “what would our communities look like if the change many of us are seeking actually happened?  Imagine the following:

  • Individuals loving God so much that encouragement can be found in our homes, schools and jobs.
  • Entire families fighting against ungodliness, protecting marriages, and working to eliminate oppression.
  • Individuals and families totally debt free with a growing savings account and a multigenerational understanding of work and money.
  • Families raising Godly children who declare, “Your Kingdom come, and your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”
  • A man, husband or father who loves God with all his heart, mind, soul and strength.  Imagine him working hard to be the visionary of his home and community.
  • A father who teaches and disciples his wife and children and protects them from ungodly influences.
  • A woman, wife or mother who loves God with all her heart, mind, soul and strength.  Imagine how she demonstrates modesty and lovingly instructs her children.
  • A mother who cares for her home and children and is a model for her community.

Imagine what this community would look like!  Truthfully, we can do more than just imagine.  I know this because I’ve seen the beginnings of this in my church.  It started with a return to Christ and His Word alone to govern every aspect of our lives.  This flowed into a training of our men to equip their homes.  It then moved to lifting up our women and helping them embrace Biblical womanhood.  Slowly, we are seeing the fruits of change.

Deuteronomy 6:1-7, Ephesians 6:1-4 and many other scriptures teach us that parents should teach their children about God.  God puts the responsibility of instructing, discipling and training children in the faith directly on the parents.  Teaching our children about God is critical because it ultimately leads to multigenerational faithfulness.  Soon, our homes will reflect the worship of God and His word and result in stronger families and stronger communities.

Consider all of the attempts our country has made to improve economic and social distress.  We have held rallies, created social groups and even attempted to legislate change that would relieve us from our ills.  Has any of these efforts worked?  Are we seeing a reduction in crime or drug use?  Can we truly say the next generation of children are any more Godly?  If we’re honest with ourselves, we’d sadly answer, “no.”  Numerous studies have proven that our previous attempts have not worked.

So, how about a return to the Lord and what He has prescribed?  How about a return of Godly fathers who will reshape their homes and revive communities?  I believe it can happen . . . and it starts with just one family turning to Christ.

Carlton McLeod is Senior Pastor of Calvary Revival Church Chesapeake.  For more information see www.d6reformation.org and www.crcchesapeake.org.

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4 Responses to A D6 Reformation

  1. Vincent Geter Reply

    August 6, 2013 at 1:32 pm

    This is the kind of “REAL” talk that needs to be spoken in our communities, bravo. The onus is on “ALL” of us individually as we are taught and discipled via the community church. Thanks for the words.

  2. GP Reply

    August 7, 2013 at 1:06 pm

    Good read! Thanks for posting

  3. Tim Rush Reply

    August 7, 2013 at 2:00 pm

    Amen! When you look at the startling statistics of the disintegration of the traditional family you will notice that as the number of children born out of wedlock (about 43% currently, 73% in some areas) has increased, so has crime, poverty, drug abuse, and the abortion rates.
    The church has gone off the tracks in trying to cater to the world. I don’t believe God ever wanted a church that looks, talks, and acts like the rest of the world. In fact, He desires that we be different, set apart, and holy.
    Strong families = strong church. It has always been the parents responsibility to teach their children. Unfortunately the government and the church have made it convenient for parents to forsake their responsibility.
    Thank you pastor, keep up the good work.

  4. Darlene Reply

    August 7, 2013 at 8:58 pm

    Kudos is absolutely in order for taking ground in enemy territory and standing firm on God’s precepts for his “blue print” on what “family” should look and act like…stay pressed to the cause!

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