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The memorial was made possible by the South Norfolk Ruritan Club and a number of outstanding companies who volunteered time, products and services to make it happen. The War Memorial Committee consisted of Buddy Bagley, Geoff Briggs, Bobby Clifton, John Henry Martin and Werdna Wynne.  Mike Winterling is President of the S. Norfolk Ruritan Club.

The Whisper Concerts that were held at Chesapeake City Park were a huge hit.  The Beach Boys Concert was about as perfect as it gets.  It was held on a pleasant summer night with a nearly full moon.  This venerable group put on a hit parade of songs.  Don’t think I’ve ever been to a concert before where every single song they did had been a hit. Kudos to Whisper Concerts, Mayor Alan Krasnoff, Chesapeake Parks and Recreation, Max Media and the H.R. Chamber of Commerce for making these summer concerts happen. They were well done and will hopefully be held again next summer. No major event can happen without the support and sponsorship of leading community businesses. Hats off to Monarch Bank, Chesapeake Regional Medical Center, Associated Distributors and Priority Automotive for their crucial support of the concert series.

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