5 Tips for Organized Travel

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amy_volk_216w_march_13With summer here the travel season is upon us and that can create extra stress in trying to get ready to go have some fun!  It doesn’t have to be this way if you get organized before packing and follow these simple tips to make your travel less stressful.

1. Make a list

Make a list for each child, yourself, and anyone else you are packing for. Think of each situation you might be in on the trip and write down items needed for that.  Here is a starter list, but try using a travel packing App if you have a smart phone.  My favorite is Packing Pro.

  1. Swimsuits
  2. Workout gear
  3. Phone chargers
  4. Day clothes and evening clothes
  5. Undergarments needed

2. Use a folder for documents

Label a manila folder or pocket folder for documents. Keep boarding passes, itineraries, hotel information, car rental information and so on.  Staple any business cards to the inside of the folder.

3. Use resealable bags

Use these bags for kids’ outfits, small items, accessories, liquids, etc. Bring extra ones for wet items.

4. Start packing early

Get your suitcase out about a week ahead of time.  Slowly add things that you want to take.  Just toss them in the suitcase-you will organize and pack it later. Do the same for kids and teach them this trick so as they get older they can pack for themselves!

The only last minute packing you will need to do are the daily toiletries, snacks, and your travel documents.

5. Day before travel

Make sure the following things get done a day or two before you travel: Empty dishwasher and washing machine, unplug small appliances, print boarding passes and other documents, get cash and gas up the car if driving, toss out or give away perishable foods that will go bad while you’re gone, pack carry-on including snacks, chargers, magazines/book, games, etc., organize and pack suitcase.  Weigh it if you can to make sure you stay under the 50 pound weight limit.

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