“Mama Griz” Leaving a Legacy at Grassfield H.S.

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Since 2007 when the doors of Grassfield High School opened Ms. Carolyn Bernard, the principal, has been there.  However, she has decided that the time has come to retire.

Ms. Bernard, more commonly known around Grassfield as “Mama Griz,” has been involved in education for 41 years.  The nickname, Mama Griz, was affectionately given to her by Grassfield’s first student body.  “I don’t remember who said it,” recounts Bernard, “but one student compared me to a mother grizzly bear trying to keep all of her cubs in line – and the name stuck.” But Mama Griz recently decided that it was time to leave the den for a new adventure.

When asked what she felt she was leaving behind she said, “I don’t feel like I have done much, except for Laps for Lymphoma.”  But she has done more than that; Mama Griz has inspired a strong sense of a community, of excellence, integrity, and compassion in the Grassfield students.

“Mama Griz’s announcement came suddenly.  I had expected her to be there for my graduation,” says junior Steven Truhlar.

Mama Griz has enjoyed her time as a teacher and as principal, but is now ready for the next chapter to begin.  “I will still attend events at school.  Education has always been a part of my life, and it always will be,” said Bernard.

Students and teachers alike are sad to see Principal Bernard go, but they have valued her leadership and everything she has done to build Grassfield’s reputation of quality and excellence.

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