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A quick snapshot of a recent Saturday in May. It was a grand day, temperature in the low 80s, sun shining brightly and there were all kinds of activities going on in the city.  The Great Bridge Rotary Club was holding its Rotary Rumble with dozens of motorcycle riders, a group of ladies were holding a huge yard sale, Newmans Pharmacy was holding its Grand Opening with dignitaries, dancers, and lots of free food.  The Great Bridge Lions Club was selling brooms, and there was a Sports Card Show at American Legion on S. Battlefield. There were numerous car washes, sports events, garage sales and athletic events going on in our wonderful city.  What a great place to live and raise a family.

A few words to celebrate Patrick Henry who was born on May 29, 1736.  It was clear that God had a plan for his life and would not let him succeed at anything until he was on the path of destiny God had for him. He failed at three businesses; then in 1760 he “read the law” and, after 6 weeks of study, he traveled to Williamsburg to take his attorney’s examination and wowed the distinguished lawyers who tested him.  Henry is recognized as one of the most inspiring orators in our nation’s history.  His passionate speeches were the spark that ignited the Revolution that gave us our freedom. He became known as the “Trumpet” of the American Revolution, Thomas Jefferson was the “Pen” of the Revolution and George Washington was the “Sword” of the Revolution. Thank God for these great Statesmen. Lord, give us such statesmen and women for today. We need them desperately.

And speaking of patriotic duties, plan now to attend the Red, Hot and Blue BBQ on Wednesday July 3rd, from 3-6 pm at Chesapeake City Park (near the Ranger Station and Fun Forest).  There will be plenty of great food and fantastic entertainment by Lewis McGehee.  Be sure to stick around for the Celebrate Freedom Concert and Fireworks presented by the City of Chesapeake beginning at 6 p.m.  Come out and celebrate our freedom.  Hope you have a Happy 4th of July – my favorite holiday.

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