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You can own the investment or you can own the results…

but you can’t own both!

I sometimes think that I’ll go crazy trying to learn how to operate all of the gadgets in new cars. The sales person spends a lot of time trying to convince me that without them I’ll be lost. The only time I feel lost is if I try to use a device and there’s no one there to help me figure out how it works!

Wall Street is kind of like that. Brokers and agents offer tools and retirement strategies that many times seem complicated. They’re easy to buy and sound good when being sold; just difficult to benefit from when it comes time to use what the strategy produced. Money! And how to turn that money into income!

It seems that getting on that freeway is easy. Brokers have no trouble proposing an entry strategy. (AKA: accumulation strategy.)   An “on ramp” so to speak. That’s how they were trained. But knowing when to exit, when to get off the freeway, is sometimes another story.

With mutual funds, stocks and brokerage accounts, you can own the investment but to own the results, what do you have to do?  Sell.  Once sold, you now own the gains (hopefully there were gains) or whatever the results, but you no longer own the tool. Then what?  Where’s the off ramp?

With these investments, you can’t own the investment and the results simultaneously. It’s one or the other. So how do you turn those results into what you were saving for and may need now or in the future…income?  Preferably, guaranteed, contractual, lifetime income.

The solution, (the off ramp,) could be to reposition your hard earned money into a hybrid (Equity Indexed) annuity, which allows you to own the tool, the results and the ability to transition into guaranteed, contractual, lifetime income whenever you’re ready, simultaneously!  The EIA, by virtue of the annual reset feature, locks in the gains or the results, on autopilot, without having to make any decisions, including not having to sell the tool.  And all with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that there can be no losses.  That off ramp is ahead. We can show you where it is and how it works. Call us.

As always, I wish you good fortune.

Bob Woods

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