Tips for the Computer User

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By In Tai “I.T.” Ryu

Question of the month:

Why should I have antivirus software?

There are people in this world who enjoy hurting you (can you believe that?).   Evil programmers create them in hopes of stealing your data/identity and some for the shear gratification of bragging rights – the nastier and more affected, the better.  In order to protect yourself from this malicious software, you need antivirus software.  In Chesapeake, we have two major Internet providers Cox and Verizon.  Both provide free antivirus software from McAfee which costs anywhere from $20 on up.  You can find it under the Cox Security Suite and Verizon Internet Security Suite for PC respectively.  After you install the antivirus software, it will protect and detect malicious software but it’s not 100% foolproof.  I scan my PC’s automatically on a weekly basis.  It is important to make sure the software updates the definitions regularly as programmers stay up all night creating new viruses constantly.  If you’re a Mac user and think you’re safe, check out The Official Mac Virus blog site.

Next Month:

What can I do if I have a virus on my computer?

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