Organizing 5 Things in 5 Minutes

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When it comes to getting organized, we often think about how much time it will take and so we never get started!  The shear task of starting it is enough to deter us and the clutter remains.

After organizing hundreds of homes and helping families, I have learned that small, itty bitty increments of time actually made a huge difference in achieving and maintaining organization.

Everyone has 5 minutes and by doing daily, weekly and monthly tasks that take 5 minutes each, you can begin to make a significant impact on the daily clutter that happens in our homes.  Here are my suggested tasks to start your 5 minute routines, but feel free to add or replace what works for you.


1.  Each day take 5 minutes to sort the mail and throw out any junk mail or advertising.    Don’t get the mail until you have the 5 minutes to deal with it!  This will keep you from making piles that grow and grow on your countertop and eventually turn into mountains!

2.  Set up your laundry system to do a load a day.  Each day (AM or PM) take 5 minutes to fold the load in the dryer.  If you need to fluff it up for a few minutes and then stand at the dryer and fold and hang right out of the dryer.  Move the clothes from washer into dryer.

This task of daily laundry gets more skepticism than any other thing I suggest.  I tell folks to try it for two weeks and if you hate it, then go back to doing laundry the way you used to. Every one of my clients that tries it ends up loving it!


1.  Set the timer and for 5 Minutes put away 5 things.  If you have children, have them put away 5 things also.

2.  For 5 minutes ONLY, purge a pile of papers or file what you have.  STOP when the timer goes off!


Go into a closet and for 5 minutes decide what 3-5 things you can donate or toss.  Add items to a bag that you keep in the closet or immediately move them out.

You can also do this same thing in your pantry or cupboards, under the sink cabinets, dresser drawers, garage, attic, or any other space that is cluttered in your home.

Setting up a schedule like this will not only help you get organized, but it will prevent the clutter from reappearing.  So often, people forget that maintaining an organized home is much easier than starting all over with piles of clutter.  This 5 minute rule can make all the difference in gaining peace and control over the daily tasks that we all face.

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