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baxterDon’t know about you but I’m tired of cold, rainy weather! Bring on the warm weather.

Did you get to see and enjoy the full moon a few days ago?  I had a memorable experience.  It was early evening, and as I was returning home from a meeting in Virginia Beach I noticed the full moon rising.  As I  crossed over the Great Bridge I looked left down the Intracoastal Waterway and the full moon looked like a big, beautiful, orange ball rising while its reflection shimmered on the waterway. What made it even more special was “Amazing Grace” was being played by bagpipes on the radio.  It was one of those special moments of incredible beauty and peace.

I hope you will take a few moments to enjoy the photos in this issue of some of the folks who participated in Paint Your Heart Out recently.  Five hundred and thirty four wonderful people gave up most of their Saturday to help paint, repair, and spruce up 15 homes around the city.  It is encouraging to know that so many folks are willing to step up to help neighbors in need.

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