Spring Cleaning

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Spring is almost here and that means my big “project” list gets underway. Yep, every spring I make a list of the projects that I want to accomplish in my home before summer hits and the kids are out of school. Problem is, the list is always longer than my time and resources. So, this year I am promising myself that I will make it realistic so that I might actually finish the list. Since I professionally help people get their homes and offices organized, I feel inclined to have my “game-on” in my own home and ruthlessly attack clutter.

While my own list has a lot of remodeling projects on it, for most of us, spring cleaning means just that, cleaning. Cleaning and de-cluttering go hand-in-hand and that can be a little daunting. Spring is about pushing through the layers of stuff we accumulated all winter and getting ready to be outside again! Get started now so that you can enjoy the season with people, not managing your things.  Below is my spring cleaning checklist that should get you started.


  1. Systems:
    • Get AC and Furnace serviced
    • Get the well system serviced and primed for lawn irrigation
    • Clean out gutters
    • Have chimney sweep done if you use a wood-burning fireplace
  2. Paper:
    • Purge files-get rid of anything older than 6 months
    • Purge magazines-donate to library or schools
    • Taxes- file tax return in a tax file or banker’s box for long term storage
    • Get all important and irreplaceable documents into a fire safe box
  3. Clothes:
    • Pull out summer clothes and store winter clothing if storage space is limited in the closets.
    • Get coats dry-cleaned and be sure to launder any winter clothing before storing.  DON’T STORE IN PLASTIC BAGS!
    • Bag up hats, gloves & scarves. A suitcase is a great place to store these
    • Evaluate shoes for old and worn, too small, or outdated style
  4. Kitchen:
    • Clean out pantry. Throw away expired food or things you haven’t eaten in more than a year.
    • Buy turntables to organize canned goods and a shoe pocket organizer if you have a pantry door
    • Clean refrigerator
    • Evaluate drawers for unused utensils or obsolete tools
    • Purge medicine box, cabinet or shelf for expired medications
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