Taxpayer Assistance at the Commissioner of the Revenue’s Office

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Spring is a busy time of year for the Chesapeake Commissioner of the Revenue’s Office.  The business license tax filing deadline was March 1st   and Virginia’s state individual income tax filing deadline is May 1st.  Our staff is currently very actively engaged in assessing over 200,000 personal property tax bills, which will have a payment due date of June 5th.

While the Commissioner of the Revenue’s Office is often associated simply with generating tax bills, I am pleased that we also provide other valuable services to assist citizens.

Since 2008, we have operated a DMV Select site on the first floor of City Hall providing Virginia state vehicle registration, titling, and license plate services. This creates a “one-stop shop”, where Chesapeake citizens can file applications for titling and registration of motor vehicles in one place, automatically notifying both the Commonwealth of Virginia and City of Chesapeake in a single transaction. Residents who have sold or disposed of a vehicle can return their license plates to our DMV Select, and the City of Chesapeake will be notified of the change simultaneously. While we do not issue driver’s licenses, virtually any other type of full-service DMV vehicular transaction can be handled at the Commissioner of the Revenue’s Office.  In 2012, over 19,000 people processed transactions through our DMV Select. Our staff members receive countless compliments for their courtesy and efficiency, and we are very pleased to be considered a convenient, TIME-SAVING alternative when you require these motor vehicle transactions.

We also administer the Real Estate Tax Relief program for elderly and/or disabled homeowners.  The basic eligibility requirements are: (1) homeowner must be at least 65 years of age or totally and permanently disabled; (2) must own and live in the home to be exempted; (3) combined household income cannot exceed $62,000 per year; and (4) combined net worth of owners, exclusive of the home, cannot exceed $350,000. In 2012, over 3,600 citizens took advantage of this program and over $3 million dollars in real estate taxes were relieved.  If you feel that you meet the basic eligibility requirements of this program, please contact us at 382-6698 to set up an appointment.  We are happy to explain which documents and information will be necessary to complete the application process.  The deadline for applying for Chesapeake’s real estate tax relief program is May 15th.

Another service that I am proud of is the direct assistance given to citizens with state individual income taxes. Our trained staff can efficiently answer your tax questions and provide help with audits, adjustments, and correspondence received from the Virginia Department of Taxation. We offer personal assistance at all four Chesapeake office locations:  City Hall – first floor; 1205 20th Street (South Norfolk); 2808 Taylor Road (Western Branch); and 824 Old George Washington Highway North (Deep Creek). State income taxes can sometimes be confusing, especially if you are filing part-year returns, non-resident returns, or estimated taxes.  Last year, we personally helped over 2,000 citizens with their state tax returns. With the May 1st filing deadline fast approaching, please contact us if we can assist you in any way.

The Chesapeake Commissioner of the Revenue’s Office is committed to providing outstanding service in the area of tax administration to all citizens in an equitable, responsive, and professional manner.  We are here to serve you!

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