Eight GREAT Strategies for "Working" Any Room

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susan_roane_march_13By SUSAN ROANE

Walking into a room full of people, especially strangers, is daunting for over 90% of American adults according to research at Stanford Shyness Clinic. Yet, our careers, businesses and social lives are enhanced by our ability to create visibility as we meet, mingle, interact, socialize and make important and lasting connections. Based on How To Work a Room, a classic best-seller, here are eight strategies you can use at any event, meeting or conference.

​Read Name Tags. As you extend your hand and introduce yourself, use the person’s name. Wear yours on the right hand side.

Reintroduce Yourself to People. If you forgot their name, most likely they forgot yours. People generally respond in kind and then no one has to struggle with forgotten names. Come prepared with 7-9 second pleasantry that is tied to the event.

​Look for the White-Knuckled Drinker. Whether it’s club soda or wine, the shy, uncomfortable person has the glass gripped tightly. That person would welcome your conversation.

​Extricate and Circulate. According to Miss Manners, one must learn to end conversations… “Well it was great to talk to you about….” Summarize the main thrust of your chat . . . and move about one quarter of the room away. Find another solo or. . . join a group. Stand on the periphery of the group and when acknowledged, step in.

​Allow for Serendipity. It is the unexpected bonus that happens to you because of being there. “Ya Never Know!” is my theory of marketing, meeting and mingling.

Be nice to everyone. No one can accurately judge tomorrow’s book by today’s cover.

Ditch the digital devices. No one wants to talk to someone who is checking their phone messages, emails or texts. It’s off-putting and, sadly, way too common.

​Have Fun! People are attracted to others who are enjoying themselves. A sense of humor will help you manage and survive myriad situations because laughter is a great medicine.

Whether it’s a meeting, a neighbor’s barbecue, a church social, Chesapeake Rotary or a conference, these eight strategies will serve you well as you mix and mingle at life’s events and gatherings.

Susan RoAne, author of best-seller How To Work A Room® is a sought-after keynote speaker. Her books are available in local and online bookstores in print, audio CD, for Kindle and IPad. For more information on hiring Susan to speak for your organization, free articles and The Schmooze Quotient Quiz, visit www.susanroane.com Follow at twitter for daily tips @susanroane.

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