Closet Organizing

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amy_volk_march_13By AMY VOLK

Getting your closet organized seems all the rage right now. Maybe it’s because we are dreaming of warmer weather and want to clear out the winter drab, or maybe it’s just because we are tired of having nowhere to put our clean clothes! Whatever the reason, these basic steps will help you organize any closet in your home.

Remember that the problem usually isn’t the need for more space. It almost always the need to get rid of what isn’t loved, needed, or valuable. Be honest with yourself about what you are wearing and not wearing.

1. Take everything out first.
2. You must purge like crazy before beginning to organize.
3. Once all the purging and sorting is done, go buy your containers.

  • When organizing closets try to maximize all vertical space including the doors, if possible.
  • Add shelving and extra hanging bars to double the hanging space. Consider an extra shelf ABOVE the current top shelf. This space is usually wasted otherwise.
  • Use containers such as hanging shelves, shoe pocket organizers, or peg board to maximize vertical space.
  • Consider clear containers that stack and easy to label bins for extra storage.
  • Put seasonal clothing in the clear containers and label. Stack to the side or move to another space.
  • Use wall space for belts, scarves, purses, hats, ties, or other accessories. Peg board systems work great!
  • Use shelf dividers to separate stacked clothing. Place label on shelf with a Velcro tab.
  • To maximize hanging space use flocked hangers.

Here are some tips to live by:

  • If your clothes are crammed together and don’t move easily on the rod, it’s time to purge!
  • It’s better to have less clothing that you wear often than lots of clothing that you can neither see well in your closet and gets worn only every few months.
  • You aren’t going to where those clothes you keep saving when you “get back to that size”! Get rid of them and treat yourself to new clothes when you are that size!
  • Keep a bag or basket at the bottom of your closet. Every time you pull something out of your closet you don’t LOVE or doesn’t fit well, toss into the bag. This will allow you to consistently purge.
  • Things do go out of style. If you have something from 10 years ago, chances are it doesn’t look good anymore. Ask a friend if you aren’t sure!
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