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While our city has some problems—just like every other city, Chesapeake is a dynamic city that is working hard to improve in every area. I was so impressed and proud of my city recently when I attended a Business Advisory Panel meeting at City Hall along with about 50 business, civic and city leaders. It was great to hear so many issues brought up and briefed to the new Chesapeake City Manager, Jim Baker. Kudos go to Council member Scott Matheson for forming and hosting this working group. Also appreciate Council Member Lonnie Craig’s involvement. It was an excellent meeting – so nice to see city government and business talking to each other.

I also had the privilege of attending a briefing at the APM Terminal near Craney Island with the Chesapeake Alliance. What an amazing operation.  It is one of the most modern shipping terminals in the world and right in our back yard.

And speaking of “amazing”, I recently visited “The Mount” Lebanon Baptist Church just off Cedar Road (at the former location of a Winn Dixie grocery store).  This church led by Bishop Kim W. Brown packs in around 1,800 folks on Sunday mornings.  It is a fantastic facility. This church is a great presence in our community.

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