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I think you’re going to like this month’s issue of The Citizen. There is culture, local history, social events, selfimprovement tips, politics and some in-depth feature stories. I’ll bet there are a few folks from Chesapeake who have never been to The Commodore Theater in Portsmouth. If you haven’t, you’re missing a wonderful treat. Be sure to read Ken Johnson’s article which begins on this page. The Commodore is an incredible place where you’ll want to take your friends and out of town guests.

By the way, if WCTV, Channel 48 is not a part of your weekly TV viewing routine, you should give it a look. Mark Cox, Rae Pearson Benn, Jen Bichara and all the crew are a hoot! They put together some excellent shows and have fun doing it. Check them out, they’re great.

Send your story ideas, photos or comments to : info@thecitizenofchesapeake.com.

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