From the Pulpit: The Cure

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Recently I had surgery to remove a tumor.  The interesting thing is that prior to my diagnosis I felt great and had no symptoms.  Only after having a routine x-ray did it reveal the presence of a serious but fixable problem.  As I was recovering, I could not help but think about our great land.  We live in the greatest nation on earth and believe in a system of government that allows us to dream and pursue our individual destinies, with hard work and fortitude.  But a routine x-ray of our nation will reveal that we are sick.  It is a serious but fixable problem.  Children are being assassinated in mass shootings at school.  Our land is sick!  Marriages are being dissolved at alarming rates.  Our land is sick!  The institution of marriage is being redefined without any regard for faith.  Our land is sick!  We are in fact confused about rights and rites!    Selfishness and personal agendas have crippled us financially until we have to coin new financial terms like the “fiscal cliff”.  Our land is sick!  Respect for leadership and authority is at an all time low in our society and community.  Our land is sick!  Seniors are attacked by youth, youth are attack by one another, and crime is out of control.  Our land is sick!

Just as I had to change my behavior and allow the physician to give me assistance in establishing a process of healing, our land must be healed as well.  The diagnosis is clear; we have a moral tumor that must be removed.  Because God is omniscient and knows everything He planned for this moment by giving us a process in the scripture.  It will take more than larger jails, more stringent laws, and increased police personnel. While that all helps, they are not the answer.  The answer and responsibility has in fact been given to the church.  2 Chronicles 7:14 reads, “If my people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and heal their land”.

The answer is found in four T’s.  The four T’s are Testimony, Temperament, Talking, and Turning.  The church must testify about Christ.  “If my people who are called by My name”.  The standard must be displayed by the church.  The church must take the lead in modeling and reminding our land to live by faith.  Those who follow Christ must live to be the witnesses in the earth.  As well our temperament must be adjusted.  God tells us to “humble” ourselves. Humility has to become a foundation of behavior.  The church should be the beacon of humility as we serve, not just inside the walls of the sanctuary but at work and play.  Thirdly, the body of Christ must refocus on prayer, talking to God.  Our children are not allowed to pray in school, many are not taught to pray at home, and even in church, prayer has become a stepping stone or bridge between the more modern aspects of worship.  Prayer must be given once again a central focus in the experience of our faith.  And finally the people of faith must turn.  As people of faith we have to maintain standards for the kingdom.  We cannot allow the moral erosion of our society to creep into the church.  We have to acknowledge the wicked ways of the believers and take a stand that causes the church to sustain moral boundaries and operate with integrity and accountability based upon the word of God.  The word and only the word must be hailed as the standard of behavior and lifestyle.

Today, I feel great. I have a scar on my side that reminds me daily of the experience of surgery.  But I am excited to know that I am healthy and whole.  I have a new grandson that I will be able to teach how to pray and follow Christ.  All because of a routine test that revealed a problem that was not visible.  It’s time for our nation to pay a visit to the doctor.  Our great nation has the potential for an incredible legacy to continue, but the church must take the lead by becoming the corporate portrait of Christ that she is called to be.  Then God will hear the prayers of the church and heal our land.

Kim W. Brown, D.Min

Mount Lebanon Baptist Church (The Mount)

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