From Capitol Hill

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Congressman J. Randy Forbes

It was 10:57 pm on New Year’s Day. And I punched my vote card on the floor of the House of Representatives. At that moment there was nothing I would have rather been doing than voting yes. Voting yes on a deal that made serious headway on reducing out-of-control spending, voting yes to a deal to stop looming slashes to national defense, voting yes to solve the fiscal cliff.

But I couldn’t.

The reality of the fiscal cliff deal that the President signed into law this week is that is does nothing to stop feeding the insatiable appetite of massive government spending. Nor does it do anything substantial to stop the dismantling of our military. It does not strengthen small businesses. Or address the debt ceiling. In fact, it punts all of those issues. Punting that America cannot afford. In addition to raising taxes, the fiscal cliff deal included billions of dollars in special interest giveaways like Hollywood tax breaks or Solyndra-like green energy tax credits. This is no way to get America’s finances in order.

As I was sworn in as a Member of the 113th Congress I was reminded what a privilege it is to serve you. I thought despite the turmoil, despite the great challenges we face, it is a fresh start. This term, as in the past, we will work to listen. We will work to build bridges towards effective and financially solvent government. I want your voice and your involvement this year. Share your thoughts on my blog at or join the discussion on Facebook at I look forward to partnering with you for a better Chesapeake and a better America.

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