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Two very significant events took place here in the city in the past few weeks.  On December 17, the long-awaited groundbreaking for Dominion Boulevard took place.  While nobody wants tolls, most of us agree that something had to improve.  The traffic on Dominion is among the worst in the state. Thankfully, now the process to make things better has begun.

And finally, on Jan. 2, 2013 we in the City of Chesapeake began a yearlong celebration of our 50th Anniversary.  I hope you’ll enjoy the story and photos from the very impressive kickoff event.  We all are looking to a great year while we celebrate our 50th Anniversary with 50 fantastic events.

We hope you enjoy The Citizen of Chesapeake.  Please tell others about it.  If they don’t receive it in the mail, it is available at more than 30 stores and restaurants throughout the City—and also online at www.thecitizenofchesapeake.com.  We look forward to hearing from you.  Send your story ideas, photos or comments to: info@thecitizenofchesapeake.com

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