Local Couple Raise Money to Send Care Packages to Troops in Afghanistan

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L to R: Randy Childers (father of Cody), Cpl. Eugene Hammill, Cpl. Timothy Walsh, 7 month-old Noah Walsh and Wendy Childers (mother of Cody)

On Monday November 12 the Chick-fil-A at Edinburgh hosted a fundraiser for the LCpl. Cody S. Childers Memorial Fund.  The fund was started by Wendy Childers, mother of Cody Childers who lost his life while serving in combat operations with the U.S. Marine Corps in Afghanistan.

Cody’s parents Wendy and Randy Childers said their goal this holiday season was

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to send 500 care packages to troops serving in Afghanistan.  The packages contain goodies that are often hard to come by through regular channels in the military. Examples of things contained in the packages are snacks, books, magazines, hand warmers, blankets and Girl Scout cookies.

Hundreds of Chesapeake residents turned out to support the LCPL Cody Childers Memorial fundraiser at the Edinburg Chick-fil-A

According to Mrs. Childers it costs about $20-$25 each to pack and ship the packages.  The care packages are distributed by unit chaplains. More than 1,600 care packages have been mailed during the last two years.

Derrick Ward, the owner/operator of the Edinburgh Chick-fil-A said his store hosted the event because they “wanted to show honor where honor was due.” “We want to remember Cody and bring the community out to show their appreciation to him and others like him who have sacrificed so much for our nation.”

If you would like to help or just learn more about the LCpl. Cody S. Childers Memorial Fund visit www.wecaremarines.com

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