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Be sure to read the story “A Night of Hope in Chesapeake.”  We can really be proud of some of our citizens who are doing their best to combat the terrible problem of human trafficking in Nepal. You’ll also want to read our Veteran Spotlight, and get to know 88 year old, Eddie Vincek, who served as a Marine on Iwa Jima.

By now you’ve probably heard that we going to have a few more chickens in Chesapeake.  Read Chesapeake novelist C.J. Chase’s article, “Down on the Farm in Chesapeake” to learn more about the country flavor we still have in our city of nearly a quarter million people.

We’re delighted to help spread the word about a little known treasure in Chesapeake, WFOS  88.7 FM. It is one of the oldest public school radio stations in the entire nation and is staffed by an amazing group of colorful and talented folks.

And finally, meet David Harris, a man who has had a tremendous impact on hundreds of young people by sharing his passion for bowling and teaching how to be competitive bowlers.

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