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I’ve been heartened to learn about some of the wonderful outreaches to those in need going on this Christmas season in our city. Churches, veterans’ groups, civic groups and businesses are gathering gifts, warm coats, boxes and bags of goodies to give away, locally and far away.   In this issue we tell you about a few of them: Lance Cpl. Cody Childer’s parents, Wendy and Randy, raising funds to be able to send care packages to our troops in Afghanistan; the employees of Jo-Kell collecting more than 6,000 lbs of food for the needy; but there are probably hundreds more efforts going on this holiday season in our city to show love, care and compassion to our fellow man.

If you’re looking for some ways to show your compassion this Christmas, you will find opportunities in this issue. You may buy a goat or a sewing machine that can change the life of a girl rescued from human trafficking in Nepal (see: “A Night of Hope in Chesapeake”).  You can donate money to a variety of organizations to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy in the Northeast. (see “A Newborn Survives Hurricane Sandy”) or check a church or philanthropic organization of your choice to see how you can help others this Christmas.

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