Reception Honors Former Chesapeake Sheriff John Newhart

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Nearly 400 people attended a reception to honor Sheriff John Newhart for his 42 years of dedicated service as Chesapeake Sheriff. Upon his retirement Sheriff Newhart was Virginia’s longest serving sheriff.

(Photos by Tricia Chappell)

2012 Nov Newhart Recp DSC_0103 resized

L to R, Councilmember Lonnie Craig, Council Member Robert Ike, Sheriff John Newhart, Mayor Alan Krasnoff, Council Member Debbie Ritter and Sheriff Jim O’Sullivan watch as Mayor Krasnoff presents Sheriff Newhart with a Proclamation from City Council honoring his years of service.



2012 Nov Newhart Recp DSC_0121resized

L to R, Sheriff Newhart, Delegate John Cosgrove, Delegate Barry Knight and Sheriff Jim O’Sullivan watch as Delegates John Cosgrove and Barry Knight present Sheriff Newhart with a resolution from the Virginia General Assembley honoring his service to the citizens of Chesapeake and the Commonwealth of Virginia.

2012 Newhart Recp DSC_0141resized2

Former Sheriff Newhart, left, is presented a Custom Engraved Smith and Wesson M & P 40 by Captain Chip Chappell.

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