George Allen: America’s future at stake

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2012 Nov George Allen interviewFormer Virginia Governor and U.S. Senator George Allen sat down with Baxter Ennis of The Citizen Sunday for a brief discussion on the issues facing the nation in the coming election.

Governor Allen, what’s at stake for America in this election?

Allen:  The future of America is at stake.  Whether we’re a country that begins to ascend again, promoting the principles of freedom, personal responsibility and opportunity for all, or we continue to descend with more mandates and dictates and redistribution out of Washington, and initiative-sapping dependency on government.

The reason I’m running is to get our country moving in the right direction. Every vote counts in the Senate.  They passed the Health Care bill by one vote, failed to rein in the EPA by one vote, and this election for president and for US Senate here in Virginia  is vitally important for the future of our country and most importantly for young people, those in college and younger and those just out of college, so they can get jobs to provide for themselves and their families.

If Mitt Romney wins the White House and Republicans win control of the Senate, what is the first issue that should be addressed in the new congress?

Allen:  There are several things, and they are all related.  First, we need to repeal and replace Obamacare.  People ask, where do you want to cut spending?  Stop these trillions in spending and trillions in taxes. Obamacare will hinder senior citizens having access to doctors who have had to cut back on how many Medicare patients they take, and it is also an impediment to businesses in hiring people.  We have got to stop sequestration, defense cuts that are going to be devastating to our military readiness as well as the 200,000 jobs at stake right here in Virginia.  That is the prime example of recent failed leadership in Washington, not setting priorities.  The paramount responsibility of federal government is national defense, as it’s in the Constitution.

From that you get into where are you going to make cuts and how do you raise revenues?  The best way to raise revenue is with a more vibrant growing economy. The other side wants to raise taxes.  That will only cause more job loses. We need to have a more efficient, effective and accountable government.

Another thing that will happen is on Jan 1 there will be tax increases on everyone – families, businesses and even death taxes will go up.  We need to reform the tax code especially on job-creating small businesses where the taxes are at 35% – the worst in the world.  I propose a 20% tax because I thinkAmerica should be better than the 25% average.  This would help raise $23 billion in revenue per year with 500,000 new jobs being created.

We have many blessings in this country, the most important being freedom.  We also have fertile ground where we can grow crops and feed ourselves. We are blessed with the most energy resources of any country in the world.  We need to stop EPA regulations that are outlawing coal, and I plan on Day 1 to introduce a bill that would allow us inVirginia to produce oil and natural gas off our coast and use those royalties for roads and transportation.  If we unleash America’s plentiful energy resources not just inVirginia, but from the Gulf of Mexico to the barren north slope of Alaska, over one trillion dollars in revenues would come in without raising taxes, plus we would have more affordable fuel, food and electricity plus hundreds of thousands of good paying jobs created.

Why is control of the Senate so vital to a president?

Allen: Judges are so important.  We may have at least one and likely two judges to replace (if we look at actuarial tables).  Supreme Court decisions are often decided by one vote, they are often 5-4 decisions. The same is true with circuit courts and district courts. When I was in the Senate, I recommended Henry Hudson for the Eastern District of Virginia.  He is the one who made the initial ruling that Obama Health Care tax law was unconstitutional.

Another thing, the Senate ratifies treatiesOur sovereignty is threatened by some of these proposals on treaties – one would take away our 2nd amendment rights – gun ownership, and our natural right of self defense.  Another one being talked about would usurp the prerogatives of parents.  I’m for a Constitutional amendment to protect parental rights.

If you are elected to the Senate to represent the Commonwealth what will your top priorities be in the next Congress?

Allen:  I want to help create a society where hard work is rewarded and everyone has opportunity to succeed.  My top priority is jobs.  We need to create the right economic climate for jobs.  Energy is part of it, and I’d introduce a bill to produce oil and gas from off our coast.  We need to get our fiscal house in order, and I will introduce a balanced budget amendment to give the president a line item veto authority (which I used as governor), and I’ll introduce a bill for a balanced budget. That’s how you force discipline inWashington; and I’m going to work very hard for strong national defense.  Leadership is about setting priorities, and that is the top responsibility.

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One Response to George Allen: America’s future at stake

  1. greybees Reply

    November 11, 2012 at 9:45 am

    Luckily the voters of Virginia did not follow Allen and his tea bag extremist views.

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