Oscar Smith Strolling Strings

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Attendees at the 3rd Annual Waterways Heritage Festival at Locks Park enjoyed the spirited performance and musical energy of the Oscar Smith High School Strolling Strings. The Festival is sponsored by the Great Bridge Battlefield & Waterways History Foundation: http://www.gbbattlefield.org/waterwaysheritagefestival.html.

The Oscar Smith High School Strolling Strings is a high-demand ensemble, performing for school and community events throughout the Hampton Roads area. If you are interested in having live string music played at your next special event, please contact Deanna Kringel at deanna.kringel@cpschools.com, for booking information. 

Come out to join us, in support of music education, on Monday, November 12 (Veterans Day holiday, observed)  for our 5K RUN/WALK FOR THE MUSIC, in support to be held at Bells Mill Park, Chesapeake, at 9:00am!  Order forms can be downloaded at www.tidewaterstriders.com and online registration is also available at www.raceit.com!  Hope you can join us!

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