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You will also learn about a fantastic new Bed and Breakfast that Great Bridge residents Brett and Michelle Darnell are opening at the intriguing and majestic Belle Grove Plantation.

You will receive reports from your elected officials in Congress, the General Assembly, City Hall and from our City’s constitutional officers as they use The Citizen to update you each month.  We’ll also hear a good word from leading clergy from around the city.

We will strive to bring you news and photos from events around the city that you may have missed.  In this month’s issue you’ll see photos from the 4th Annual Mayor’s Breakfast to Honor Veterans.  Mayor Alan Krasnoff and the Mayor’s Commission on Veteran Affairs did an excellent job in hosting the event to thank all our veterans and their families for their service.

Speaking of veterans, you don’t want to miss the story next month about the Montford Point Marines,  a group of African-Americans who broke through racial barriers to desegregate the U. S. Marine Corps and later played a critical role in some of our nation’s greatest battles.  You’ll learn of this organization’s strong ties to Chesapeake.

Congratulations are in order to the Chesapeake Library’s Novel Nights event with bestselling author, Jeff Shaara. The event raised $88,500 to support the library’s early childhood literacy project.

Hope you enjoy The Citizen of Chesapeake.  We look forward to hearing your thoughts, comments and ideas at: info@thecitizenofchesapeake.com.


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